Resident population: 5,230. Height: 1.800 m to 3.000 m.

Other parishes: Trepalle – the highest permanently inhabited dwelling in Europe, 1.900 m – 2.250 m. Catchment basin: Danube – Being on the northern side of the Alps, Livigno’s waters are tributaries of the Inn River, which in turn is a tributary of the Danube. Geographical position: generally facing South-West from sunrise to sunset. Climate: fresh and dry. Settlement: the valley of Livigno has been inhabited for 1000 years, initially for military purposes as it was a strategic point between the Northern and Southern Alps. Walking and mountain biking trails: 600 km in and around Livigno. Walks and cycle ways: 10 km, open also in winter. Ski Lifts: 33 with a total capacity of 46,460 people per hour. Downhill slopes: 110 km. Cross country slopes: 40 km. Normal snow conditions: 60 cm in the village, 150 cm on the slopes. Snow: from November to May.